A story becomes a series …

Life is Sun & Shadow Series

As I wrote in my previous blog, my new book Life is Sun & Shadow (Book One) is the first in a series of four novels. But in fact, Durga’s Story was not where I had originally started. I began my writing journey with Kiran, Durga’s son, as the main character.

Kiran’s Story began with an enormously significant event that took place when he was around 12 years old. But the more I wrote about that event and what had precipitated it, the more caught up I became with what had gone before – why had this and other events even occurred? What was the backstory?

I began writing flashbacks to Kiran’s early childhood and references to what had happened to Durga, his mother. But the more I wrote about Durga, the more I wanted to write about her. Durga deserved to be heard! Every day her voice became stronger, and her story took on a life of its own. It was so much more than just a backstory. I had to let go of Kiran– for a while, at least. His tale will eventually be told in the third book in the series, which currently has the working title Streets of Kathmandu.

I’m so glad I decided to fully embrace Durga and write her whole story. For me, it has been a labour of love and I hope you will love reading it.